TEN Random facts about me...

1. I love being active in my church, so fulfilling. I recently started being involved in productions at church and it's been a lot of work but a lot of fun. Just finished the last program for this year and ready to see what's next.

2.I love to laugh and sing to the top of my lungs around the house (only for my hubby and doggies), working on playing the piano where I could play effortlessly. I listen to all kinds of music from classical to hip hop.
My favorite singer is Sade and my favorite band is Duran Duran.

3. I love perfume. I really don't have a signature scent but some of my favorites: Lucky 6, JaDore, Vintage Soul Curve and Sunflowers.
J adore at

4. I love the outdoors, nature, love hiking, love to dance.

5. I love Italian food and sweet delicacies on occasion.

6. I work out like a fiend and love how it gives me that adrenaline rush.

7. I love to play games on the computer, tennis on the Wii, Dance Wii.

8. I love black and white movies and 19th century movies such as Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. What did you say Mr. Willoughby?

9. I love to garden, I started when I was in grad school and haven't stopped since. I am not a master gardner but I can plant some pretty nice lantana's and morning glories.

10. I love Christmas, it's my favorite season. My mother loved to decorate and my Grandmother had no less than three trees in different rooms of her home.

One more added for good measure
I have to say I simply enjoy wearing purses and accessories. These items can make last years outfit look prime time.

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