Going beyond the Norm: Wearing Sequins during the Daytime...

Me in my Sequin jacket
Me in my Sequined jacket

Back view of Jacket

I have had this beautiful silk sequined jacket for two years and was looking for a cool outfit to make me appear youthful and not matronly. Also, I plan on wearing it during the day. Yes, I am wearing this sequined jacket to church in broad daylight.
I hear stylist and designers say that sequins are not just for night-time gala, however I see very few people actually taking their advice. So I said I'm going to wear this jacket over a black blouse with some dark denim boot-cut jeans and some high heel ankle boots and to my delight it worked. I constantly received compliments from hubby, strangers and friends. I must say it felt a little out of sorts but that went a way quickly, I felt that I was stepping out of the norm and into a different realm. Most of the time when I see a sequined dress or separates on women they tend to wear them from head to toe and I didn't want to do that. I wanted a laid back look but dressed up at the same time.

Tips to wearing a sequined garment
  • Make sure your jewelry is simple, hoop earrings are great for a look like this because the sequined jacket is the attention getter so there's no need to have lots of jewelry competing with that jacket.
  • Have only one sequined piece of apparel on because too many sequins can make you look dated and like you're trying to hard. I must say that I have a black sequined dress and it's fierce however I keep my shoes and jewelry simple.  If you have separate sequined garments try to only wear one piece during the daytime paired with a neutral.
  • Wear your hair simple: ponytail, chignon, braided. Such a cool look.
  • If you're wearing pants or jeans make sure the heel is at least 2 inches (I love extra height) however, patent leather flats will work as well.
So if you have a sequined garment step out and try to wear it during the day.

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