Mary J. Blige Debuts "My Life" Fragrance on HSN

Mary J. Blige "My Life" fragrance on HSN
  Singer and Grammy winner Mary J. Blige sold a record 50,000 or more units of "My Life" fragrance this past weekend.  For each bottle sold one dollar goes to the FFAWN  (Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, INC) organization So they raised $50,000 or more for the organization. That's really awesome because the viewers only went on sight as to what the fragrance smells like. Also, there was film footage shown while Mary J. Blige and different host were talking about the fragrance from an event that the FFAWN organization had and the women who were being helped and that was inspiring.
 Her presentation on Friday night was of empowerment to women that they can achieve and be anything they want to be.  Some celebrities called in to wish her well like Oprah Winfrey and she wanted to make sure Ms. Blige didn't stay up all night (that was funny).

HSN describes the My Life fragrance are
Dreams and fantasies come true with every spritz of this perfect melody of fruit, woods and floral. This fresh departure from the traditional floral fragrance is a sexy, symphonic blend of femininity, confidence and strength. Take center stage with the keepsake bag that adds sophistication and glamour.

Fragrance details
  • Top Notes: Gardenia petals, bartlett pear and white freesia
  • Mid Notes: Tuberose, jasmine, golden lily and apricot blossom
  • Base Notes: Cashmere woods, praline, sesame and incense 
The fragrance retails for $55.00 and can be purchased on two flex payments only on HSN

You also received with the todays special a gold clutch.  Ms. Blige said it's not couture you can take this clutch to the movies as well as the grocery store.
If you try  the fragrance you don't have anything to lose because HSN gives you 30 days to try a product and return it.

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