Friend Friday

I have been a little late with this Friend Friday post. I found out Tuesday that  my Aunt is very ill  in the hospital and I have been trying to be there for my cousin the best way I can.
Exercise is one of my favorite topics so I had to give my input. Katy from is focusing on fitness this week.
Me in my sketcher shape ups
I do a lot of up in the air movements so to protect my joints I wear my knee pads if I am doing  workouts with plyometrics or kickboxing.
  1. When you hear the word fitness what do you think?  I think being in good health, being able to hike mountains when I am in my 70s and 80s. Being in good  shape means I can fit in my clothes better. One key point is that exercise and a healthy diet work hand in hand.  Who wants to work out for 45 minutes and then eat fried chicken and a milkshake afterward?  It may sound tasty but what was the point of exercising if you ruin it with bad meal choices.
  2. Do you have a workout routine? What’s your favorite way to workout? I do not go to the gym  because I love the freedom to work out whenever I want. My husband are working out with P90x with Tony Horton and it's tough but I feel so good after I cool down.  I also love to dance so Latin Dancing is fun as well as my Bollywood videos with Hemalayaa, yoga or pilates. I switch up and walk away the pounds with Leslie Sansone and get my cardio on with the The Firm.  I constantly work different routines so I may work out with Kettlenetics one day and then I may rock out on the wii the next.
  3. To you, what is the purpose of exercise? No#1 reason is my health.  I pray to my Father in heaven that my husband and my family and friends enjoy a long happy healthy long life In Jesus Name.
  4. Do you think it is possible to be feminine and still workout? Most definitely yes I work out 4 to 5 times a week and I am a girly girl who like my purses and dresses and makeup.  To me working out accentuates the way I look so it all works together.
  5. What do you think about the people who are workout obsessed? (You know those women and the gym who spend 4 hours working out and have more muscles than some men.) I think that's fine as long as they are doing it the healthy way.  Taking no pills or steroid shots to help build more muscle.  Also, not overworking muscles to the point of fatigue wear it stresses the muscles and joints. I personal do not want to look overly muscular, I strive to increase my tone and definition but I want to keep my curves.

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