Friend Friday

 It's Friend Friday and the topic is color. I love all shades of color so this is a joy to me. Please check out Katy from's blog where you can see other bloggers share their thoughts on color.

1. Which color do you find the most flattering to wear? Why?
I love red because it lights up my face and is so attractive on my complexion. Pink, peach, green, coral and red tones accentuate my  tan and I love it.

2. What color do you never wear? Why?   I can say that I do not like wearing all black from head to toe.  Black which is a neutral does nothing for me unless I pair it with a vibrant color because the color just brings me down.

3. Do you think there are universal colors that can look good on everyone? I think skye blue or a blushing pink brings out the color in everyone's face no matter what complexion you are. These colors make you look younger and I know I get tons of compliments when I wear these tones.  In this picture below I have on a pink tunic and it's one of my best pictures.

4. What are your tips to wearing a color that is not the best for your skin tone, but you just simply love?
  If I was styling someone and a color didn't work well on the person I would recommend that color in an accessory (shoe, belt, scarf, headband, handbag) or possibly a piece of jewelry.

5. In regards to makeup... what colors do you avoid, what do you always reach for?
Since I am more of a tan complexion I have to be careful of foundation that looks to chalky on me because it will show in pictures like someone put talcum powder all over my face.
I reach for Bare Escentuals foundation because I finally found all the different shades to choose from it made me so happy. Also, I love pink and jewel tone colors to add color to my eyes, my nails, and toes. 

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