Friend Friday Focus on Confidence

Friend Friday questions focus on confidence
1. When you wear an outfit that you love how does that change your mental state?
When I wear an outfit that I love I stand taller and feel really good inwardly.  I just know when the clothes feel good and I also look good is a boost of energy.  I can be so critical about how I look regarding my hair, my weight, etc. that I am surprised that I make it out the door. When my outfit is not right it can change my attitude completely when I will feel less confident and not put together.

2. Do you find that the way you dress can help you be more confident in certain situations?
I work at a museum and when I have Committee meetings to attend and I have to meet with our Committee members for the Board of Trustees I feel like an equal when I am in a meeting because I take the time to plan my outfit making sure that it doesn't only look good but that it's also comfortable because I coordinate the meeting as well as the attendees.

3. Looking back, have you become more confident in rocking your personal style?
Yes, I was a shy girl that seemed to never feel good enough because I didn't have the name brand clothes and shoes. I sewed my baccalaureate dress for my high-school graduation and my outfit for church (I went to a Lutheran high school) and I realized I can create my own style. I sewed a vest with my initials that I cut out and sewed on it, it looked so uniquely me and that was great because I have never wanted to be a cookie cutter of someone else.

4. How do comments, in person or on your blog, impact your feelings about a look, clothing choice, etc...

I appreciate comments and they can make me feel good and I like the advice or suggestions when needed.  And I can't say that if someone said something negative that I could just shrug it off, I am a work in progress.

5. To be more confident, every woman should....   look in the mirror and say "I am beautiful."  That has been the hardest thing for me to say to myself because it seems so silly.  However, I have noticed that by me saying it everyday it has impacted how I feel about myself in a positive way but I am still working on it.  I believe that in order for me to be more confident I have to feel beautiful inside.


  1. I love your answer to #5. It's so important for us women to really accept and love ourselves unconditionally.

    Thank you for sharing, and for setting such and awesome example!