Reader Connectedness...

KatyRose topic of questions this week is reader connectedness which I think should be the heart of each blog. If you would like to read what others have to say please stop by
Okay here goes.....
1. How important do you think reader connectedness is to the success of your blog?
I think it's important to have reader connectedness; but I also think that it's great to have good content because if you have good content readers will come. It's give and take because you have to research your material to get a good story.
I often have friends telling me they are following my blog although not virtually following it by clicking on a follow me button or subscribing to one of my communities so I know that people are reading.
2. What do you do to draw readers in and create that writer-reader bond?
I really haven't done market research on how I attract readers in.  I officially started this blog because I love fashion, beauty and hair care and I thought that I could offer some good tips and offer hair care advice. Even a year later, I write because it's fun and enjoyable, not to formulate a technique to get people to read my blog. This blog is about sharing information on fashion and beauty that can help someone.
3. What is one way you can improve this connection?
-I think I would like to spend more time reading other blogs and commenting more. I have commented on some blogs that have never commented back on mine and I don't want to do that.  I want to make sure that when people comment on my page I need to make the effort to comment back.
I  said it in the above paragraph but I really would like to comment more.
On IFB there's the comment challenge and I think that's awesome because that's a way we can build the blogging community and it's a bit of self promotion as well.  I will not leave simple post like "cute blog". I want to make sure I leave a comment about the post I have read not just leaving a comment to get someone to look at my blog. I think that a comment is spam if it is not related to the post that you have on your blog that someone is responding to and I delete those comments.   I have often made solid comments on blogs to not have that blogger to comment on mine, but that's their prerogative.
I map out the chain and then it makes it easier to carry out this goal.
Fashion Blogger--->Research---->Write Content---->Publish--->Reader-Connection----->Comment
This seems simple but I realize that I have to read between the lines to make the connection.
4.  Is there a blogger you think does a great job creating that writer-reader bond? Why?
It's hard to choose because I enjoy so many.   I think KatyRose of does a great job because even though everyone cannot comment on everyone's blog since there are so many, bloggers come together to post on one topic every Friday and a group has been created with new bloggers joining everyday.  Other Blog communities I love being a part of is Blogfrog, SITS, The Lady bloggers Society and Blog Catalog.  Being personable like a warm cup of tea is oh so nice. Veshoevius of Taxonomy of my wardrobe and Grit and Glamour are blogs that I also think give that connection to their readers.  I know that I have learned a lot from all these women.
5. What do you do to cultivate new readers? How do you get them to your site in the first place?
To cultivate new readers I comment on every comment I receive and I post fresh content at least 3 to 4 times a week so it keeps the blog current with new material. I do what I love to do and if a reader request for me to write or do a video on a  particular topic I will make an effort to do it.
Sometimes I feel out of the loop because I work a full-time job so I can't comment during the day and when evening comes the discussions have already been going on long before I am able to get on.  Can't let that stop me though.
To increase readership to my site:
  • I respond to every comment unless I am at work and can't give feedback until the evening.
  • Joined communities like Blogfrog
  • Having a window for readers to subscribe to my blog via email
  • Subscribe via bloglovin
  • Subscribe via  blog catalog
  • Recently created a Facebook page
  • Included the Kind-Hearted Blogger to my blog
I must continue to show the world my tips on how to be fashionable!

Photograph by Jason