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 Hi Everyone,

This is the first from  Better Blogging event from SITS to post our very first post.  It seems like just last year in August I started my blog because I really enjoy listing the lastest trends in fashion, hair care products and home decor to name a few.  Time flies when your having fun. Oh! in added bonus is Thelma and Louise, a washer and dryer set which is sponsored by Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances. More information on them at the Electrolux website . OMG, a new washer and dryer!

Well, below is my first post in August of 2009.

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my Blog!!

Are you bubbling with elegance and grace?? Of course you are ... that's why you are here.

So you are probably wondering what you will find on this lovely page.
I put God first and believe that confidence comes from Him ... it starts within ... and comes through your personal appearance.

This blog will showcase reviews of various different categories that I enjoy or have heard about that others may enjoy. Sit back, relax, and love life!!

Peace, Tamaki

I was introducing my blog to the world.  Part of me knew what to say but a little apprehension of how much to reveal about myself.  I know such nonsense but I felt it just the same.

Things I like:
I love the title of my blog
I like that the post was a snapshot of me to leave the reader wanting to know more about me.

Things I would do differently
Add a picture of myself or fashion items I love.
Explain that I do more than just reviews I talk about sewing,  fashion history, give tips on how to wear certain apparel so that the reader would know what the purpose is for this blog.
I would ask the reader to follow me or subscribe to the rss feed.

All in all I am happy because that first post kicked out my joy of blogging.

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