Miss Tina Collection by Ms. Tina Knowles at Walmart

I really loved Miss Tina's collection on HSN and I wondered what happen because all I saw on HSN's website was clearance items.  Well I did a little research and Miss Tina will be having her collection at Walmart soon.  I looked at the Miss Tina look book online and I really like the leopard dress and the purple feathered print dress to name a few.  I love how she uses models for her line in every shape and size to represent all women.  

Miss Tina please do a handbag line for your Walmart collection if you aren't already doing so.  I have your convertible leather bag with the different insets and it's awesome and I get tons of compliments.

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  1. Woohoooo! I can't wait! I love how her clothing can fit a curvy girl like me. Thanks for writing about this. I'm off to browse her lookbook!