Friend Friday

1. Do you think personal fashion blogging is inherently narcissistic?

Some people can come across as being all about themselves but we have to be careful not to judge. A lot of times women perceive narcissism and really it is confidence that the person (blogger) exudes. Fashion blogs, for the most part, I think blogging is about getting to connect with people that have a common interest or showing someone a technique or method that may help them. It’s so much information out there in cyberspace and you have to really read the information and decide if it suits you, if it doesn’t then no harm done because there will be someone else out there who may gain something from that same information you’ve read.

2. I think we can all agree, that certainly some blogs are personal odes to the blogger. In your opinion what makes a blog narcissistic. Narcissism in Webster’s dictionary means love of oneself

a. I have seen some blogs that consistently talk about themselves and if you don’t dress or do a technique like them then it’s not right.
b. Blogs that have so many advertisements on them that it’s hard to find the latest entry. I personal want to read your blog not what advertisement is endorsing you. I have no problem with advertisement endorsing but I hope that the blogger truly loves the product or has actually used it.
c. Blogs that don’t respond to questions from comments due to having so many subscribers that they don’t have the time so there’s all these questions out there with no response. Hopefully a video or post goes up with answers to those questions.
d. Quoting a high price tag or you’re not in because you don’t have this it whatever it is bag at the moment. If you want to pay a lot money for purses, clothing, etc. that’s great. But believe me you can look like you have paid a lot for you clothes if you’re on a budget you just have to shop right and if you sew the sky is the limit.

3. Would you classify your blog as narcissistic? Why?

No, because before I started blogging I didn’t like taking pictures of myself and to some level it’s still not the easiest thing for me. Also, sharing my passion and things I like to do; whether it is hair techniques, clothes, eating healthy or whatever; was not something I thought anyone would want to read about. Blogging has connected me with some awesome people who know a lot more than I do in certain areas and has helped me become more knowledgeable. I use to think how will what I say help someone because there is so much of the same information out there about any given topic. Well that information isn’t coming from me so why not blog and show how I wear certain styles or shoot videos on how I do a flexi-rod hair style, how I make cranberry bread, or use blogging as a way to give kudos/props to bloggers who have helped me in different areas.

4. How can we combat the idea that because we share personal style thoughts/pictures we are automatically full of ourselves?

I think blogging has helped me overcome some of that baggage of low self-esteem and not thinking that I look a certain way because I feel someone else looks better than I do. We are all beautiful and we each have a gift to share whether it’s a quick tip to a friend on how to wear a scarf to uploading a video on my personal style. I think if we are out to genuinely help people then we need to make the effort to say that and it’s not only for personal gain. It makes me feel good when I get a response that someone will try a certain style because I talked about it in a post or video.

5. How do you explain what you do to others in a way that doesn't come across as narcissistic?

In my videos I almost always say this is my style I am not trying to tell you to be like me. I always end my videos with Jesus Saves because when it comes down to it to me it’s all about putting him first.
I am not trying to appear aloof but I want to project confidence and that I really like to talk about fashion, accessorizing, hair and what great deals I bought. Sometimes I will do videos on items that I have had for years to show that you don’t always have to run out and buy something you can work with what you have at home and maybe all you need to purchase is a pair of earrings to make the look completely new.

God did not make us to be clones of each other we are all individuals. We are not carbon copies.

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