Friend Friday

Friend Friday and this is one of my favorites. I always feel put together when I paint my nails and toenails.
  1. Do you keep nail polish on your fingers and toes year round? Yes,  I thought this question was odd because I didn't know that people thought that painting your nails and toes were seasonal. I paint my nails and toes all year long.
  2. What are your go-to colors for the fingers and toes?ProStrong nail color line of Pink, nudes, red, burgundy, metallics, pearls.
  3. Any tips for strengthening your nails? Biotin supplements, Pink Gel Coat by PJ, strengthens and brightens. 
  4. Do you have any nail ‘rules’ you abide by? (things like toe and finger colors must match, should never be the same, trim them all if one breaks, I dunno…) I really can't stand chips on my nails.  If I am not able to paint over my nails and it looks smooth I will remove the nail polish because it looks tacky. I love my nail polish to look smooth and no bumps. My nail polish doesn't have to match, makes it more chic.
  5. How often, if ever, do you get a manicure and/or pedicure? Not in years because I do my nails and toenails myself now.  I use to get my nails professionally done but one day I got a bad migraine headache from the fumes in the nail salon I went to and from then on I decided from then I would do it myself.

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