Fashion Friday

I'm a little late for Fashion Friday, however I still wanted to post the questions to my blog:

What's your main purpose in blogging? To show my creativity and write about what I love to do.

2. Do you think bloggers should receive monetary compensation for their efforts? I don't have a problem with bloggers receiving monetary compensation if it doesn't compromise the integrity of the blog or change the content of the blog. I think it takes away the attractiveness of what drew the reader to the blog. A blog should be created because a person loves to write about something they are passionate about and if a company happens to see the blog and would like to compensate the blogger to professionally write for them it should not change them.

3. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging? Attracting more people to come to my blog and finding the time to post videos and product reviews. At this point if I only have a couple of followers right now that's okay because I am doing something that I really enjoy so that's all that matters and in the long run is what counts.

4. What's the most rewarding part? I don't have a lot of followers because I am still fairly new at blogging so the most rewarding to me is putting up product reviews, uploading pics of my favorite outfits or offering fashion and hair tips.

5. What is one goal you have for improving your blog? To do more posting and get on a schedule to upload more videos and pics and product reviews that I love to do.

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